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WordPress Sonata Core Features

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sonata-banners-2016Welcome to the Sonata WordPress Theme Preview Website

This Website Runs on the Solarblu.com developed Sonata WordPress Theme. The WordPress framework for starting WordPress websites.

New Features!

  • Responsive Menu – Redesigned Responsive device menu system with beautiful iconography.
  • Sitemap Creation – ADVT automatically updates your sitemap for you no more relying on broken third party plugins.

WordPress Sonata Core Features

  • Edit This Button – From any Post or Page easily get to the edit screen on the WordPress backend. (For security reasons you must be logged into WordPress for this to function.)
  • E-Commerce Ready – We have already built in the CSS files for the current version of WP-Commerce into our Sonata theme.
  • Custom Widgets & Sidebars – We have created a few sidebars to help you get started with your website, we have also included a few widgets to help you get started. You can use any widget from the WordPress Dashboard. We have included a Footer Widget that is three columns with minimum height options, a Portfolio Widget to show and rotate your work, a Spotlight Widget to showcase items from a selected category such as Employees or Services. We have also hand-coded a few widgets to help you out such as Sonata:Directions that lets you show a Google map of your location so people can easily save this information or send it to themselves. Sonata:About Us can easily create your profile and image, or add your company, logo, telephone number, and address.
  • WordPress For Beginners Documentation – We wrote the book for beginners, literally.  This is included with any Sonata Theme for Free. Learn the differences between posts and pages, how to upload and include media, how to install new plugins and more. Updated regularly.
  • Page Templates – Widgetized Home Page, Full Page with no sidebar, About us, Contact us, Directions, Portfolio, Login, Search, Sitemap, and Custom 404.
  • Video Tutorials for WordPress – We have also included recommended video Tutorials to help you learn how to use WordPress. If you are an advanced user or programmer you will find videos that will help you learn more about WordPress Development.
  • Recommended Plugins – We have put together a list of our most used plugins over the years called Plugin Foundation Version 9. From Social media, to contact forms, to post views and analytical tracking, we help get you started in the right direction from day one.
  • Professional Installation and Configuration – We want to make sure you are successful. If you need help installing and configuring your website, let us know and we are here to help.
  • SEO Simplicity – Easily update keywords, titles, and descriptions for your posts and pages that show up in Google. Simplicity allows you to set sitewide settings as well as per page or post.
  • Copyright Auto Update – Don’t worry about updating your copyright next year. We have added PHP that automatically does this for you.
  • Facebook Default Share Thumbnail – When you share your content with Facebook it looks for a thumbnail to use for your entry. We have added some code that allows you to set the default image for your website as well as give you instructions on how to change this image per post or page in our tutorials.
  • Favicon and Logo Integration – We give you instructions on how to get your Favicon (the icon in the browser tab on the top left) and options to set this and your logo up in our Sonata theme. Favicon and Logo Integration can save you time and frustration when getting your website online.
  • CSS Overrides – Are you a CSS over achiever ? Now you can use our point and click system for font size, color, font type and more. If you want advanced options you can even write your own CSS rules.
  • Child Themes – We have included a few Child Themes with this release. We offer custom design services, if you would like a new child theme to use with our Sonata Framework.
  • Multi-Menus – We have included three menu systems for this release. Header, Main Navigation and Footer. Add pages, direct links, categories, products and anything else that the standard WordPress menu system will let you add.
  • Footer Content – We have included a two line footer with RSS Feed integration, you have the ability to update the footer text and menu items.
  • Page Number Pagination – Next and Previous do not help you determine how much content is available or get back to a page when you lose your spot and want to come back and read a website later. We have solved that with our own pagination code at the footer of your blog content.
  • Core Updates – As we update our Core Features your WordPress dashboard will let you know about them. Get new features as they become available.
  • Custom CSS – We have used our expertise to put together Child Themes with style sheets that come from hundreds of hours of learning more about CSS, layouts and WordPress. Our Themes can save you time even if you build upon them for your own projects.
  • Exclusive Advanced Themer Dynamic CSS only from Solarbluseth


Additional Services

At Solarblu.com we provide a wide variety of services.

  • WordPress Development and DesignWe have been programming WordPress websites since 2004. Contact us today for a consultation on your new website, or website upgrade. Thinking about moving to WordPress ?
  • WordPress Hosting – Starting at $11.95 a month (billed annually) you can have a WordPress website, Web Hosting and Domain registration from the Experts. Located in Chicago We have been hosting WordPress websites since 2004.
  • WordPress Parachute Monthly backups, Core and Plugin updates and more. In case of emergency we will have your back. Available to support other hosting company accounts.
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